Gregory Top Dog

Hi, my name is Greg and I'm the top dog behind Chillidog Software. I was born and raised outside of Boston, MA, not too far from where I live right now.

I attended college in downtown Boston at Northeastern University where I majored in Electrical Engineering. Shortly thereafter I attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

During my time in Pittsburgh, I discovered RapidWeaver, and a fondness for coffee. Shortly after building my first site, I realized I needed more. I needed pages that featured the ability to share files and folders on my server, so I went ahead and built WeaverFM and WeaverBox. Encouraged by the great feedback and warm reception from RapidWeavers and developers alike I went on to develop stacks like Image Slider and Grid Iron, and my most powerful and popular plugin to date, WeaverPix.

Then in 2011 I became tired of sluggish and unsupportive hosting and knew I could do better — not just for myself but also for the many RapidWeavers I knew who were also suffering under poor hosting conditions. So I started Javabean Hosting, offering up premier hosting for RapidWeaver sites, and within the first year I'm pleased to say Javabean's already hosting some of the largest, busiest and most respected RapidWeaver developers.

Chillidog Software Lead Developer

Penny Lead Woof Agent

Full of energy, our newest team member is eager to answer your support questions. Penny has 8 brothers and sisters, making her extremely patient and well behaved. This makes her a perfect fit for technical support. WOOF!
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Chillidog Hosting & Chillidog Software are owned and operated by Gregory Barchard. Greg is a developer and long time RapidWeaver user who has an undiagnosed addiction to delicious coffee and tea. Read More
Chillidog Software Lead Developer