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Provide us with your website URL and email and we'll send you a free report on your website. This report can help everyone, new or seasoned, build better websites.

Your free report documents some very important details about the health and status of your site. Use this report as a getting started point for your website, a health and status check, to track your SEO over time, or just for fun! We want you to succeed and we help give you the tools to make that possible.

Got Sitemap?

Sitemaps are a critical piece of the web. Sitemaps are how all major search indexes crawl and navigate your site. We'll make sure you have one and that it can be found by the big guys in search.

Home is where your Heart Index is.

Modern web servers use a special file called an Index to serve your homepage. Unfortunately, this index file may have multiple file extensions. Typically, index.html or index.php is common. If both exist, however, it will cause confusion among your visitors, broken links, and impact your SEO. We will let you know if we find duplicate content on your homepage.

Need for Speed GZip?

GZip is a drop dead simple way to speed up your site. It requires no changes to your site and can instantly create happier visitors and clients. In the age of the smart phone, GZip is now even more important because most of your visitors can be stuck on slow mobile networks waiting for your site to load. Don't worry, we'll make sure you're following the best practices and your site is GZip compressed!

Seeing Double?

One of the biggest mistakes in SEO is duplicate content. Duplicate content is when your site loads under both www. and non-www. We will check to make sure you redirect from one to the other.

This is 30.

We don't always like to design with IE compatibility, but we sometimes have to. We'll check your document to make sure you're not hitting the 30 stylesheet limit imposed by some versions of IE. In general, however, it is a good idea to reduce the number of stylesheets. Reducing the number of stylesheets will naturally reduce the number of requests made to your site and give you a slight speed boost.



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